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Lucky 7 mobile car detailing, Brisbane's most professional detailers. With 15 years experience in the car detailing industry we will only offer you the very best. Lucky 7 offers a range of services specified to your car. From flawless paint polishing, to presale detailing, to meticulous vinyl removal. We also specialise in precision paint correction and ceramic paint protection. Lucky 7 is fully licenced and insured to work on any, and every project you may have. Catering to our very busy clientele we always deliver the best quality detailing while using only the best and highest products on the market. Let lucky 7 show you why you fell in love with your car in the first place and book a service you will be happy with.

  • Presale detail

    Full deep clean of interior, plastics, boot area and glass cleaned. Exterior snow foam wash, wheels cleaned, door jambs and single stage high gloss machine polish.


    from $250

  • Paint protection

    Exterior snow foam wash, high quality clay bar, detailed acid wash of wheels, dual stage cut and polish and cquartz profession paint protection.



  • Decal/vinyl removal

    Safe removal of small decal lettering to full wraps, also included a snow foam wash light clay bar and cut and polish.

    Quote only.

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  • Interior detail

    Extensive deep clean, shampooing of seats , carpets, floor matts and boot area. High gloss plastic treatment, leather replenishment (if applicable), spot clean of roof lining and glass.


    from $250

  • Concrete removal

    Safely remove concrete splatters from building sites to D.I.Y jobs, also including a light clay bar and finished off with a cut and polish.



  • Cut and polish

    Snow foam wash, detailed acid wash of wheels, high quality clay bar, dual stage machine polish and finished with a high gloss sealant spray.



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  • Restoration detail

    Interior detail PLUS a cut and polish package combined.



  • Mini detail

    Exterior snow foam wash, wheels cleaned, door jambs and high gloss sealant spray. Interior vacuumed, plastics cleaned and windows.



  • Create your own

    Mix and match any of the above packages, enquire for discounts. More than one car? We can tailor any package to your needs.

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